11 Aralık 2007

Scoring error corrected; two Wade points shifted to Mourning

PHOENIX - Upon review, Dwyane Wade did not record a season high in points Sunday against the Clippers; he merely tied it.

The NBA on Monday confirmed a scoring error during the fourth quarter of the Heat's 100-94 victory at Staples Center.

The scoring transcript released after Sunday's game had Wade converting two free throws with 8:56 to play in the fourth quarter.

Wade, however, was not in the game at the time, with those two foul shots actually taken by center Alonzo Mourning.

The mistake is easily explained, with Mourning wearing No. 33 and Wade wearing No. 3.

The revised box score will reflect Wade with 33 points, instead of the 35 initially recorded. Wade established a season high with 33 points in Friday's loss at Golden State.

Mourning, who questioned the box score as soon as he glanced at it in the Staples Center locker room, is now credited with eight points, instead of the initial six.

Mourning therefore closed 2 of 3 from the foul line, with Wade's free-throw numbers now reduced to 7 of 8. All league statistics will be updated to reflect the change.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank confirmed the scoring change.

By Ira Winderman |

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