25 Aralık 2007

Mourning Done

Mourning Done

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Alonzo Mourning was the center of the Heat franchise throughout the 90s and showed a lot of heart and promise while playing for the team. Well, Alonzo Mourning’s latest knee injury may have cost him the rest of the season, and for that matter, his entire career. Mourning did not want to be wheeled out of the gym, and decided to go on his own showing his heart and his toughness.

During the off-season, he made a bold move by staying with the Heat to play for another season. Many thought he was too old to play and should have retired, but he stuck around anyway hoping the Heat would give him another championship ring. Well the Heat isn't really that good and Mourning is too old.

I admire his attitude though. It showed throughout his career that Alonzo was a hard worker and did things whether they were through the easy way or the hard way. It is really hard to see Mourning go out like this, but his legacy and his game speaks for itself. Alonzo Mourning #33 should and probably will officially retire.

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