25 Aralık 2007

No pity please, as Mourning’s career ends

One of the fiercest men in sports, center didn’t even back down at the end

Image: Mourning
Jared Lazarus / Abaca
Alonzo Mourning played basketball with untammed heart, up until the end.

If there’s a defining characteristic to largely anonymous Atlanta Hawks guard Mario West, it’s that he’s not remotely enamored with the notion of giving up. When he was in college at Georgia Tech, West had to walk onto the team to keep his basketball career alive, and he essentially did the same thing in the NBA, earning a spot on the Hawks as an undrafted free agent.

A manifestation of that forge-onward attitude was on display Wednesday night against the Heat, when West got the ball on a first quarter fast break and drove towards the hole at full speed, taking off towards the rim with little regard for anything that might intersect with his path.

As it turns out, a similar instinct made Alonzo Mourning decide he had to challenge West’s shot — and stop an easy lay-up — at all costs.

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