18 Temmuz 2008

ZSG Comedy + Party

I was fortunate enough to be VIP and was able to hang out with the likes of Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Kevin Durant, Nate Robinson, Deaquan Cook, Earl Barron, Dorrel Wright, Penny Hardway, and Damon Jones

-- Michael Beasley is a really cool guy loving the fame right now. Stopped for pictures and autos for everyone, was obsessed with my new iPhone and even went into his pocket and said how much. Said he was going to camp out to get one, asked him why he didnt just make some calls jokingly said hes not Derrick Rose. Left the club with a cutie was decently drunk really cool guy though

--Mario Chalmers is amazingly nice and very humble, no one else knew who he was and he kind of clinged onto me for the night he was awesome. Great guy he and Beasley came together

--Cook was an ass. Very arrogant.. Asked about his shoulder shrugged me off.

--Earl Barron doesn't think hell be back here-- cool guy though

--Dorrel Wright hopes to come back but when I jokingly said I'll call Riles for you he said "TELL HIM TO DO ME RIGHT"

--Shawn Marion looks very part of this team hanging with Zo and Wade all night. Doesn't look like we are moving him. Wasn't able to chat with him but got a pic w him

--Penny said that Riles told him he let him go way too early, and that he's still in shape to go anytime LOL

--Kevin Durant wasn't very personable but nice enough guy

--Nate Robinson was funny and pretty cool guy. Heard him joking with all the players that its good to be short so no one notices him, a photographer asked his name he gave them a fake name like George Lopez

--Damon Jones said he would LOVE to come back here. He was with Terrel Owens all night who is a complete prick

--James Jones was really cool saw him before any of the events at the Pretzel stand paid with a $20 for a pretzel and told the employee to keep the change. Says he's excited to be back.

--Sam Cassel has the dirtiest mouth ever.

--Wade ran by everyone was with tons of security not w. wife. Gabrielle Union was also in attendance but didn't catch them together. Comedian was asking Wade if he likes to eat pussy.

--ZO was ZO

--Andy Ellisberg was in attendance and even made it up to the club after, with a few of the scouts I believe. He's a really cool guy says that they are do everything and anything to bring this team back to the winning side of things. Was really nice was shocked that I knew his name.

-- Does anyone know where Udonis was?

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