17 Ocak 2008

Mourning says he's retiring, Heat disagrees

With a current record of 8-29, you would have to say the Miami Heat's personnel problems this season are largely on the court. But team management might also want to consider improving their public relations staff.

On Monday an interview of Alonzo Mourning appeared on the team's website in which the veteran NBA centre said: "Yes. I'm retired. This is it for me."

A few hours later, however, the team removed the interview. A spokesman told the Palm Beach Post: "A mistake was made and it's not an accurate story and it's been pulled, with our apologies."

The team's denial is utterly baffling, since the entire world seems to know Mourning is retiring. Ever since his kidney transplant in the 2002-03 season, he has been a likely candidate to do so.

Then, before this season began, the 38-year-old said it would likely be his final year in the league. That statement seemed like a sure thing after Dec. 20, when Mourning underwent season-ending surgery on his right knee.

The injury had occured a day earlier in Atlanta. Mourning refused to leave the game on a gurney, and instead walked off with the help of teammates.

After the game he told:

"That's not the way I envisioned myself walking off the court for the last time in my career." he said.

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